Al-Allama Al-Hilli's Position in the Science of Logic


  • Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ghafouri Nejad Department of Shia Studies, University of Religions and Denominations
  • Prof. Dr. Ahad Faramarz Garamaleki Department of Philosophy and Theology, University of Tehran


al-Allama al-Hilli, Logic, Philosophy


Al-Allama al-Hilli, one of the geniuses of logicians, holds a significant position in the history of logic in Islamic civilization. However, his elevated position in various religious sciences has somewhat overshadowed and prolonged his journey in logic. Al-Hilli authored over twenty books on logic, covering short essays and comprehensive works spanning across logic, natural sciences, and theology. He also engaged in critiquing philosophers and wise men of his time, leaving an impact on summarization. Most of his writings on logic and philosophy consist of commentaries on the works of past scholars.
The multitude of al-Hilli's research and contributions to logic can be attributed to his belief that avoiding logic marks the beginning of a superficial and undeveloped religious vision. The influx of trivial ideas mixed with superstitions in the field of religious thought and contemplation increased Al-Hilli's dedication to developing the science of logic as a solid foundation against the superficial and shallow wave in religious thought that posed a threat. The majority of al-Hilli's logical heritage follows the format of twofold logic, employing signs and indications in his logical works.



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