Political Dimensions in the Debates of Al-Allama Al-Hilli


  • Hussein Jawad Musa Al-Kindi Najaf al-Ashraf


Al-Allama al-Hilli, Hilla School of Knowledge, Theology, Shia Heritage, Khadabanda


This research aims to elucidate the nature of the conceptual formations in the most important discussions of Islamic theology, specifically addressing the issue of Imamate in the perspective of al-Hilli and its political dimensions. These dimensions surfaced in a va-riety of debates in which he participated throughout his life, enhancing his scholarly standing. He emerged as a pioneer of religious reform in an era marked by innovations, deviations, and conflicts ignited by some self-proclaimed scholars who were contempo-raries of al-Hilli, such as Ibn Taymiyyah and those of a similar mindset. The findings of this research focus on dispelling the ambiguity surrounding the theological aspect of al-Hilli's scientific movement, manifested in his historical role in promoting the Shia heritage in various forms of knowledge. This extends from the Hilla school to Jabal Amel, Iran, al-Ahsa, and all corners of the world. The research also highlights his active role in solidify-ing the theological principles of the Hilla school.



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