The Philosophical Orientation of Al-Allama Al-Hilli


  • Dr. Saleh Mahdi Saleh University of Mustansiriya / College of Arts / Department of Philosophy


الماهية, الوجود, الوحدة, الكثرة, الجوهر الفرد


The scientific contributions of al-Hilli encompassed diverse fields of knowledge, including jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, theolo-gy, and philosophical issues that imposed their presence in his mind. Consequently, he expressed his thoughts using various linguistic styles, all originating from a singular intellect. He pondered upon metaphysical and doctrinal matters, such as individual essence and the creation of the world, using a unified mind that consistently approached these subjects. Undoubtedly, these themes constituted introductory foundations for proving the divine existence.




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